ARI Sports Therapy and Performance Enhancement

ARI Sports Therapy is a cutting edge innovative process to getting Elite Athletes, Weekend Warriors and Everyday People out of Pain and back in the Game.  We incorporate a three-pronged approach to your body as it relates to your sport or chosen activity. ARI Sports Therapy is unique and innovative in that our approach incorporates a holistic view of soft tissue damage and its effects on the entire kinetic system of your body. We look at joints, ligaments, tendons, muscle bellies, balancing muscles, core strength, and much more to develop complete, and yet individualized, programs for each person.

Over the last three decades, the physical strain on the bodies of elite athletes has become much more profound.  Marketplace demands have increased the number of games per season, players are stronger and heavier, and the games are faster and more physical.  Training methods need to become more intensive and detailed as well.  It is no longer enough to simply train in the sport you play, athletes must train for prevention and functional movement as well!


1. How to deal with a fresh injury

2. How to speed up your recovery time

3. A new approach to stretching that will GREATLY increase Injury Prevention

4. The Importance of Range of Motion and Flexibility Training

5. Building a powerful Core without ever doing sit ups again…

Written By: Ari Gronich


Tiger Woods pulls out of the Arnold Palmer Invitational due to back spasms. This is not the first time Tiger has needed to pull out of a major tournament due to injury.  Injuries in sports seem to be commonplace these days. There was a time in professional sports when athletes were not getting injured so …

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The Blind Spots of Athletic Training

An Athletes Entourage and the need for collaboration in Injury Prevention Rehabilitation & Elite Athletic Training “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” John Donne   I spent the day today in an Elite Athlete Training Gym.  I was watching, in this case, high school athletes …

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