Mar 23

Never Do Sit Ups Again…!!!

Traditionally if you wanted to create a strong core and rock hard abs, you had to do an endless amount of sit ups. You would either put your hands behind your head, torquing your neck and causing all sorts of low back pain, or you would put your arms across your chest and try to keep your head straight, looking at the ceiling, and all the while remembering to breathe properly.

Then crunches, which targeted only a small portion of your abs, came along, but they too created other issues with low back and neck. These injuries were much less than the sit up but did not give a well- rounded full abs workout.

So late at night you are sitting around on the couch or lying in bed and all of a sudden you see these infomercials. The people all have amazing abs and they are giving all the credit to the newest and greatest machine on the market. For only $99.95 you too can have the abs of a Greek statue. Some of these machines are great and others fall by the wayside.

In my business we see people all day long that have one major issue. If this issue was taken care of, then all of the other problems would be much easier to handle. This is the issue of CORE STRENGTH.

There are several ways to work the abs, but the greatest way that I have found WITHIN a workout that does not take any extra time and yet burns up your tummy like no body’s business, IS……………….

Systematically get yourself into an unbalanced position while at the same time doing other resistance training. Then do what is necessary to get balanced while continuing the resistance training.

In other words, creating an imbalance and attempting to find that balance while in the midst of doing your resistance training is the answer.

Suggestions for how to do this are:

1. Use a balance ball while lifting your free weights.
2. Balance on one leg at a time.
3. Use pulley machines that pull back on you creating a need to balance both
4. In order to get to your oblique’s, cross your body and create straight

Soon I will have pictures and the like up so that you can see how you can utilize these techniques to build a powerful, flexible core without ever doing sit ups again!!!

Written By Ari Gronich

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