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ARI Sports Therapy

Body Restoration System

  • Posture and Movement Analysis
  • Focus on one key area of concern
  • Pain Relief (Management)
  • Home Care Exercises

Have you been injured while working out, in your sport, or even in a car accident?  Has your insurance dried up yet you are still in pain?  Come in for a Body Restoration System and get some relief from your aches and pains.   ARI Sports Therapy will leave you more flexible and with tools and exercise you can do at home to avoid injuries and remain more pain free!!!

1 Session – Value $300.00 Price $150.00

2 Sessions – Value $550.00 Price $275.00

3 Sessions – Value $750.00 Price $375.00

ARI Sports Therapy is a cutting-edge innovative process to getting Elite Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and Everyday People out of Pain and back in the game.  We incorporate a three-pronged approach to your body as it relates to your sport or chosen activity. ARI Sports Therapy is unique and innovative in that our approach incorporates a holistic view of soft tissue damage and its effects on the entire kinetic system of your body. We look at joints, ligaments, tendons, muscle bellies, balancing muscles, core strength, and much more to develop complete, and yet individualized, programs for each person.

About Ari Gronich:
Ari Gronich is known as “The Performance Therapist” and the go to guy for Sports and Accident Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention.  He is the founder and CEO of Achieve Health USA LLC and on the advisory board of several health and wellness nonprofit organizations.  Ari has been highly trained in many disciplines within the fields of bodywork, kinesiology, nutrition, health, and sports therapy.  He has over 25,000 hours of hands on work and 5,000 plus hours of training and internship.  He has trained hundreds of other therapists in the field.  Having worked with World Class Athletes, he has a unique perspective in taking an athlete from amateur to professional and giving these athletes longevity in their careers through prevention and rehabilitation of injury.  He brings these skills to help everyone that comes to him live a more pain- and injury free life!

“I have worked in medicine for a long time and I know quality technique and practice of craft when I see it.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ari to anyone who wants to feel better in their body. I know now that I feel so much better in mine.”  Martin Hannon, PA-C Physician Assistant

“After breaking the world record in 110 meters hurdling, I was injured in a following competition and was struggling to get back in the game.  I worked with many therapists, but it wasn’t until I met Ari that I met the” flexibility and strength guru” for me.  He has helped me quickly heal out of injury and get stronger so I can get back to where I was and beyond.  I am forever grateful for Ari’s Performance Enhancement Training” Dominique Arnold, World-Class Athlete and Former US Record Holder


Body Restoration System



TeleClass and Private Coaching Programs




4 Week (2 Months) TeleClass
You will learn about Movement, Nutrition, Spirituality and Mindset so that you can achieve the greatest results possible. 
– Calls will be recorded and downloadable
BONUS #1 – Downloadable Report “The 7 Fitness Secrets of World Class Athletes”
BONUS #2 – Amazon Best Seller “You Make a Difference” eBook. A book about inspiration and transformation.

Only $97
(Value $399)

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8 Week (4 months) Teleclass
You will learn about and how to integrate Movement, Nutrition, Spirituality and Mindset so that you can achieve the greatest results possible.

– Calls will be recorded and downloadable
BONUS #1 – One 30 minute Individual Session
BONUS #2 – Autographed “You Make a Difference” Book – Hard Copy
BONUS #3 – Downloadable Report “The 7 Fitness Secrets of World Class Athletes”

Only $197
(Value $599)



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3 Month One-on-One Private Coaching

Ari Gronich




Six – 1 hour scheduled, private and recorded calls. 

Calls include individualized health and wellness coaching, including personalized fitness and nutritional goals and progress tracking. Calls follow ‘every other week’ program.

ONLY 10 Spaces Available


Only $897
(Value $1997)



Feel the way YOU want to feel in your body and life!