Mar 23

What is Performance Therapy Anyway

So What is Performance Therapy ANYWAY!!

Performance Therapy is a three-pronged approach to your body as it relates to your sport. It incorporates the treatment and prevention of injury along with improving performance. It is unique in that our approach incorporates a holistic view of soft tissue damage and its effects on the entire moving system of your body. We look at joints, ligaments, tendons, muscle bellies, balancing muscles, core strength, and much more to develop these complete, and yet individualized, programs for each person.

In this particular blog, I want to share with you some ways in which YOU as an individual can take a proactive step in your own Injury Prevention and Pain Relief as well as increase your performance. Things you can expect to get out of this blog include:

1. How to deal with a fresh injury

2. How to speed up your recovery time

3. A new approach to stretching that will GREATLY increase Injury Prevention

4. The Importance of Range of Motion and Flexibility Training

5. Building a powerful Core without ever doing sit ups again…

Written By: Ari Gronich

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